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Much of what seems so real in this physical dimension is not the entire truth of who we are and/or what we can do. Over the last couple of years, I have allowed myself to both explore and expand beyond the physical, mental and emotional boundaries I thought were rigidly in place in this world. What I found was an aspect of self that I never knew was there nor believed could be possible. I offer these wonderings and wanderings as an invitation to see beyond what meets the eyes in your own life!

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Six Things I Learned by Joining a Community Chorus

self mastery, finding your bliss, joining a group
When I was regularly attending church, singing was a huge part of what fed me in that experience. I missed singing with others, so this winter I looked for options in my area. I found a 10-week session with a community chorus within a 30-minute commute from my home. This offering appealed to me because of the short-term commitment and the song selection, which I found both uplifting and non-denominational.

During those 10 weeks, I learned quite a bit about myself and gained deeper understanding of the ways I choose to walk through this world, particularly in a group situation. My hope is the sharing of my observations will help you open a doorway within yourself that leads you to more joy and Self Mastery.

1. When We Always Focus on the Same Things, We Stop Seeing ~ I tend to wear brown over black because of my skin, eye and hair coloring. I had to purchase a black shirt for our concert. I've long held the opinion that I don't look good in black. I wore the top again yesterday with some multicolored, crazy-pattered leggings I own. Black was a nice balance for the loud colors I was wearing elsewhere on my body and the overall look was "slimming". I realize I am not any slimmer in black than I am in brown, but I think the darker tones allowed me to see my body as smaller.

I would not have tried on a black top were it not for this concert "uniform" request. While we should definitely focus on the colors that we feel good selecting, every now and then, it's important to try on some of the things we've avoided. Doing so might offer you a glimpse of yourself and your incredible body from an entirely different perspective.

2. Groups Don't Naturally Seek to Assimilate New Members ~ The first night of practice people gravitated to one another. A couple of months had passed since the prior session. People were reconnecting established ties.

One person invited me to sit with her on the first night at practice. I thanked her for reaching out. "I remember what it was like coming here on my first night," she said, "so I try to say 'hi' to new people." Throughout the 10 weeks we spoke each week. She was working through some unsettling events in her personal life, and I was happy to be there to listen and support her, even in a small way.

We can never know the impact that speaking to one person can have on our lives. Others can hold and offer key aspects in our understanding of the overall Plan, so be a seeker ... always making new connections which are as easy as a "Hi. How are you?" and waiting to hear the response. It's likely not personal if no one approaches you. If you want to make connections, connect!

3. We Are Not All Inconspicuous By Design ~ Although I tend to naturally harmonize with others when I sing, on many levels I choose not to blend in. I think it's part of my soul signature. When integrating with a group, I rarely claim a space. I take a different seat each time. I say "hi" to everyone near me. I want to experience many people. I talk to someone new each week.

Ultimately, there's a part of me hoping to make deeper level connections. I have definitely learned not to wait to be invited in and to move forward when I want to join smaller groupings. In the past it bothered me if I wasn't asked to join one or more smaller groups within the whole. I lacked the higher perspective to see that my own ways of interacting, of not conforming and of not choosing a predictable position within the group were both my blessing and my burden. Our actions definitely affect our experiences. We do have to see ourselves and not always just everyone else.

4. We Can Let Go of People Pleasing by Shifting the Target ~ There are some people, and I believe I AM one, who want everyone to be happy. Yet we need to recognize ourselves as part of that audience. Too many times throughout my life I've let the words or deeds of others, and/or my perception of life's experiences  claim my happiness. Ultimately the only one I can make happy is myself.

Through this engagement I was asked to take a leadership role. After the concert I was complimented to my face; two days later received an email from criticizing my not following a specific protocol which was not communicated to me in advance. This secondary email would have been experienced as a long-term slap of rejection in my past way of being, but I chose to shake it off very quickly.

I connected within myself to a space of compassion for that person's perspective. I chose not to respond. I chose not to disagree. We can rarely show someone else something they are not currently seeing on their own. In much of our inter-relationships, people push their pain outward. It's our choice whether or not we want to absorb it. This release and re-focus was a conscious process for me  ... part of my relearning how to Be which I share with others. It gets easier and less cumbersome with practice.

How can you employ this? What's one thing someone has said to you, perhaps not to your face, but in an email or on social media that's left you feeling sad, sorry, angry, hurt, etc.? Claim whatever responsibility you have for that reaction and let the rest go. Send them forgiveness and shake it off ... like a wet dog drying her fur! It's healing to find just one thing each day that moves you more firmly plant yourself in happy.

5. We Are Loved and Supported ~ I am blessed to have one of our young-adult daughters living with my husband and me right now. Our other daughter came for the performance from out-of-state. Two friends each drove about an hour to attend the concert. Having them encouraging me through my practice, seeing them in the audience, hearing their feedback after, and having their support when I received "that email" ... these are all key aspects of the joy I'll carry forward. My family through birth and life's path are there for me. Sometimes I just have to ask. When we ask the answer is likely "yes". When we don't ask, the answer is always "no".

Focus on the people who are there for you. If there is someone you'd like to have play a greater role in your life, draw them in. Ask to engage. They may be waiting for that outstretched hand. Create your life family, and don't take it personally when others choose not to engage. Keep seeking and nurture those ties which are already there. Be loving to yourself by reaching out and asking/seeking what you need.

6. We Choose What You Hold On To ~ This is not a new insight for me. I have a separate blog here focusing on this topic ("No Time, No Room, No Need for the Pain"). I believe it bears repeating! I look back on the experience and I am grateful for a number of things that happened during those 10 weeks. Points 1 to 5 above have offered me additional views of myself that were not at the forefront of my vision previously. I'll note, too, there are other blessings from my choice to join this community chorus which haven't made their way to print ... beautiful sunsets, chance encounters on errands prior to practice ...

True, my heart was hurt on occasion, but what a shame if that's the walk-away. As an empath and emotional healer, I took on and owned a lot of personal pain and rejection when I was younger. I now see this as a choice. I am no longer choosing to live in that space. I have learned to heal those hurt feelings VERY quickly. Sometimes I do not even experience them; I recognize the set-up situation and choose not to experience them in a personal way.

I got to sing, not only at group practice but on my own throughout the weeks. I learned new ways to control my voice, to enunciate, to unify my voice with others'. I vibrated with words and notes of joy, love and peace. I helped create beautiful music with others. I brought my light to that space and felt the light of others. I witnessed bravery, growth and compassion.

Why would I hold onto the hurt feelings? Were you raised not realizing we have a choice? The choice is both empowering and our birth right ... free will! What is one thing you've experienced and now only remember the hurt feelings or denser energies from? Reassess and focus your remembering on the times of joy and love and laughter. Doing so is the ultimate in people pleasing past-present-future with your own peace and well-being on center stage!

Fortunately, you get to taste bitter, sour, salty and sweet. Only you can decide which you seek out and favor. I am sure I will continue to be put myself into and flow through the group experience. I am always open to experiencing new people, new situations, new opportunities for self expression and self expansion. It's a given that sometimes I will find myself on the outskirts looking in. That is just an aspect of living "outside the box", the ultimate space of growth, expansion and Self Mastery for us all.


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Wednesday, February 22, 2017

If Your Go-To Reaction Is "I Can't" or "I Have Never Been Able To", Where is The Space for Potential?

About eight months ago, I sought out and scheduled some self care ... a 1.5 to 2 hour session with a woman who offers "guidance toward greater soul mastery". This type of guidance (I like to call it providing a "soul window") is an integral part of what I offer others in healing sessions, but answers were not coming clearly to me for me.

I hoped to get insights about how my gifts and healing offerings could be better communicated. I felt I was swimming against the current, offering something life-changing yet which seemed invisible to many who seemed solely focused on drugs and invasive techniques. I was also processing my own sadness and feelings of rejection in the face of coming forward with my abilities. I was seeking support, guidance and understanding.

At the start of the session, she asked me to tell her about myself and my life. I told her about my spiritual "awakening" which led to reconnection with my Higher Self, Oneness, and my inner abilities to help others heal ... mentally, emotionally, spiritually, physically. As an aside, I mentioned that I had a lot of tension and pain in my shoulders. "This is one area that I cannot seem to heal within myself," I stated.

She abruptly interrupted me and said "I know what your sessions is about.

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

I Have Faith!

The "Cold War", WWIII, Y2K, Predictions of Nostradamus, End of the Mayan Calendar, our current political evolution ... there are always perspectives of doom and gloom which come into our communities, world and mass consciousness. Experience shows we survive and in many cases THRIVE. 

What is FAITH? For me, it is "Feeling Assured InSpiteOf (so called) Troubles Here". Perhaps the most difficult aspect of Faith is falling into that point of surrender to that ultimate Truth that All is Well, and there is truly nothing TO fear. Realize you have the Power to see and create your "reality" here by what you focus on and the underlying vibration of your BEing ... will you choose fear or L O V E? Breathe with the breath of all life, allow yourself to surrender, feel your body soften, repeat. 

BE in that space of FA I T H in which all is well. Surrender unto it. BE. In doing so, you help lift not only yours but also the consciousness and vibration of the whole.

With love,

Sunday, November 20, 2016

No Time, No Room, No Need for the Pain!

The central theme of “Haven’t Got Time for the Pain” co-authored and sung by Carly Simon seems fitting as the synopsis of this sharing, clearing message. Wow. I loved that song when I was a sad and lonely teenager. I dreamed of that day when someone would love me to the depth that I wouldn’t have time for the pain. As with most things that bring us true freedom, it is an inside job!

Why do we have time for the pain? Why do we hold space for the pain?

Good questions, right?  I am coming to think it’s somewhat ingrained in our human nature. Five things happen to us in a day … four of them loving and positive and one negative. It’s that negative singularity that commands our attention.

Why do we focus on that thing that we don’t like? Why do we give it power to control our happiness? Why do we let it affect our relationships with others who are there to love us? Let’s not just skip over this; perhaps it’s a truly profound question and also a key to the next level of happiness.

Monday, October 3, 2016

Be Alert ... Your Life's Purpose May Come on the Wings of an Eagle

When You Are Sleeping, Sometimes It Takes a Special Messenger to Awaken You <3
In 2011, after 25 years as a sole proprietor of my one-woman ad agency, I started to wonder if this career was what I wanted to do for the rest of my adult life. I felt there was something more, something I needed to do, something more fulfilling. Yet I had no clue what that something was.

So, instead of focusing on the details (what, when, how) I focused on the feeling. I knew I wanted to help people. This had always been at the core of all of my work. I focused on how I would feel when I was helping others. At that time, I knew nothing of the Laws of Attraction and/or manifesting.

Just a few weeks after these ponderings, I was driving my "mom van" down a three-lane highway. There were cars on either side of mine as well as traffic behind. In the distance I noticed an American Bald Eagle flying from the right, gliding over a river I was approaching. As I got closer, the eagle landed in the highway ... in my lane. I was traveling around 65 mph and felt I couldn't slow to avoid this beautiful bird. I spoke to the eagle in my mind, "Please fly up, I cannot avoid you, and I do not want to hurt you!"

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Moving Forward Knowing We Shall Rise Above

Many times when we encounter struggles, we are actually moving forward to bigger, better, happier ... but in order to arrive at that destination, we must keep on keepin' on!

Fears, hurts, regrets, even loved ones can tend to paralyze us within the struggle. We feel so terrible we may believe we cannot continue. Keep GOING!!! Trust that the phrase "rise above it" is real, good and True. If we but have the faith in ourselves to take one more step (and perhaps another and another), we most likely find ourselves within that better space ... a reality far better than what we thought was "good" prior to the struggle/challenge!

I believe that is part of why the struggle/challenge/opportunity has presented itself in the first place ... to shift us to another time line, reality, resonance! Sometimes this means seeing/accepting "what is not serving us" rather than always waiting for "what could potentially be".  This can also involve letting go of people we care about. Let go with love and forgiveness ... not only toward the "other" but also for yourself! You know what? Other special people will show up to love and support you!

Just as surely as our path is not always straight (and, I daresay, it is not intended to be), I am appreciating that sometimes you actually have to go seemingly downward when you are actually going onward and upward.

When it feels as if life is pushing you back ... don't retreat, push on ahead ... Stand TALL. Look at the fears and other lower-vibratory feelings that are holding you in the unpleasantness. Are they serving you? Life can get a little messy sometimes, but it's okay to get a little muddy ... it all comes off in the wash! Shake it off to the best of your ability or reach out to others for support. Move forward trusting that this is where you are being guided to go!

"Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to just try one more time." Thomas Edison

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Will We Ever See Eye-to-Eye?

This is one of my favorite photos that my sister-in-law captured at Joe's and my wedding in 1980. It captured a magical quality which was surely present that day. What it doesn't show you is that when I said "I do" I didn't believe that our marriage would last forever. While I told myself I believed in happy endings, deep inside of me, there was a girl who did not. It took me nearly 10 years to get out of my childhood story ("I will never have children because I won't put my child through the pain of divorce").

Seeing the current situation clearly at that point, I asked if we could renew our vows on our 10-year anniversary. We started our family 2 years later. We've been in a nurturing/harmonious marriage for nearly 36 years now, together 40 years this-coming September. Spirit spoke to me when I met this man "he's The One" and fortunately neither of us (more specifically me) sabotaged that calling.

Yet, it happens all the time, doesn't it? We lose the great-for-us thing that's in our hand because we are caught up in a past-tense story of what should/would/could be or a future-tense fear-driven panic of what if/how can I/how will I! Or we are dwelling on a deep-seated hurt that might not even have anything to do with us. Perhaps the situation didn't even directly involve us ... we were just on the sidelines, but we somehow got derailed!

We look at the others in our life and wonder "how can he/she treat me this way or that way?" I was recently asked in session, "How could my own mother treat me this way?" Perhaps she too, did not get what she needed from her mother and/or father and was/is doing the best she can with what she has. The Higher Truth is that, while we are all eternal aspects of love and light, we are all operating from the skewed perceptions of our 3rd dimensional human bodies. From these spaces in which we experience and perceive, we cannot always access the entirety of what we are and what is real. And, perhaps that is "by design"! From a compassion and unconditional love perspective, I would share that, as a mother, I believe we all aspire to do better for our children than what we experienced.

We Are Not Seeing Things the Same Way

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Facing Our Fears Is the Doorway to Greatness!

This-past Sunday as I was driving to Palm Sunday service, I received "Facing our fears is the doorway to greatness. Your fears are the key to unlock the next greater version of you." Then at service, the opening prayer included this passage from "Gethsemane" by Rev. Ed Townley. "We may sometimes feel locked in spiritual paralysis, afraid of the unknown—and even afraid of our fear! But the fear is really a sign that we are feeling guided to step beyond our comfort zone. The choice is always between the anxiety in mortal mind and the loving certainty of spiritual Truth. When we choose to follow our Truth, we dissolve the paralysis and step forward with confidence and love." I knew this message needed to be shared!

So many times we see our fears as limitation. I'm inviting you to look at them as empowerment! How can that be? Well, if you can excel at something you already have mastered, you're not really growing and stretching, are you? Sometimes we need to push or pull ourselves out of the space of comfort to realize that the place of comfort was not necessarily the space of joy. What if the next greater version of you is playing hide and seek with you being the mask of your fears?

Think how many times that thing you so feared as a child (riding a bike with no training wheels, diving into a pool or pond, trying a new craft or skill) turned out to be something you really enjoyed or which empowered you! Personally, I can remember standing at the end of the dock for what seemed like 15 minutes those first few times of diving. It seemed like my head might break if I hit the water the wrong way ... but something finally gave me the courage to go. Perhaps it was the urging (or shaming) of those older than me. Yet, seeing them doing it was not enough to squelch my fears. Eventually, I had to reach deep within myself and find that space of trust and belief in ME!

What if your fears are guiding you toward your True Self? The fears that you've been accepting as limitation may have been viewed from a limiting perspective. Just as our judgment of others can give us clues to what we are longing to be or longing to change about ourselves, our fears are, perhaps, a test from the Higher Self saying "let's see if I can get myself beyond this mirage."

Sunday, January 17, 2016

Allowing and Trusting the Ebb and Flow of Life ...

There's a definite ebb and flow to life. As I look out my window and see the snow that makes me want to stay inside, I think about how little time I spend indoors in the summer. Summer, I think, may be a time for us to expand, express, expend our light, reach and energy. 

Winter is a time for going within, seeing where we are going and assessing what shifts we may need to get on track. It's probably not coincidence that our New Year reflections also happen during this introspective period (I can almost hear the Snow Birds saying, I don't have to stay inside.) Perhaps it's really important for us to have the ebb and flow ... to take the time to renew our goals, our vision of ourselves, our vision of the world we are co-creating. To be with Self, to cozy our nest, to dream our dreams so we know where we are going to plant our seeds. 

Monday, December 28, 2015

Love Transcends Time and Physicality

You Are Not Alone ~ There is Much Love <3

Open yourself to the love of your "extended" family. When we limit ourselves to only experiencing what is in the physical realm, we close ourselves to unlimited possibilities, unlimited love. We experience separation ... but please know we are infinitely connected ... not only to one another here but to others we have loved throughout all times.

Like the sapling that relied on its tethers for support while developing its roots, there comes a time when we each must let go of the tethers that will inevitably hold us back.

Thursday, November 26, 2015

Taking Control of Your Life: 
Questioning What You THINK You Know About Yourself

[I had the opportunity to speak at several events this-past Fall. This article is an overview of that talk. It was printed in Inner Tapestry online magazine on October 27, 2015. You can visit Inner Tapestry here.]
This summer I had the pleasure of being with both of our young-adult daughters. They suggested we go see the new Pixar movie “Inside Out”. The story line is about a girl whose emotions “Joy”, “Fear”, “Anger”, “Sadness” and “Disgust” basically are running the show inside a control room inside the girl. “Joy” is pretty much the leader until the family makes a cross-country move. There’s a power struggle of the emotions with an eventual emotional shutdown. Along the way, insights are provided into core memories, formation of values, etc. After the movie, our elder daughter shared that her friend, a young mother, felt the movie had created a way for her and her children to discuss emotions. The characters were so cute and recognizable; the children could talk about their own versions of “Joy”, “Fear”, “Anger”, “Sadness” and “Disgust”.

I really enjoyed the movie and am glad that this type of acknowledgement of the power of our emotions has been created. I’m sure many will benefit from reading beyond the amusement of the animation. The movie failed to convey that we, the human being with the emotions, don’t have to be the victim of our emotions. We have the ability to shift control up one level … from the position of the emotions controlling us to the position of us controlling our emotions. When we are able to do this, we go from being mere actors to being the playwrights, directors, set managers AND actors within, of, and through our lives. Awareness = The Power of Choice, The Power to Change.

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Turning "Why Me?" into "I AM"

Emerging to Love ©Kristi BOrst
Life can be very difficult and we can feel so overwhelmed when we sense a lack of control over our day-to-day and long-term experiences. If you're tired of living from this perspective, I'd love to share some tips for breaking free of what may be holding you back from joy and happiness. Please trust you are here to be in joy and thrive in this life! The tricky part is that the key to our happiness lies within and yet this fact seems to be hidden from plain view by where we have been taught to keep our focus.

For me, one of the first steps in shifting from that place of "why are bad things happening to me" was taking time to recognize when good things were happening. Being conscious of and grateful for the "little things", showed me that the things that seemed so wrong were just a fraction of my experience. Why was I focusing on the negative?

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

You Know My Name ... Not My Story

Kristi and Dad at Beaver Tail in Rhode Island, circa 1967
I can remember the first time I heard our teenaged daughter say "you know my name, not my story". It triggered something deep within me when a part of me heard "she has a story of pain living inside her". I then realized it was just another vogue expression of the younger set, like "whatever" or "not my monkeys, not my circus" :) Living with teenagers can be quite educational!

Yet, there is some validity in this phrase for most of us. Truly, we rarely know what others, even those we love, are carrying as their "story".  Unfortunately, family and life-experiences can color our worlds in a way quite opposite to "wearing rose colored glasses". From my perspective, when we get enmeshed in our story/stories we stop questioning, listening, and seeing our choices ... thinking: Things are "set in stone." "Things will never change." "He/she is incapable of providing what I need, so why should I even ask?" "I have to suck it up." etc., etc., etc.

Sometimes we aren't even aware of the story carrying us along, like a riptide. A riptide is a strong current that runs in a narrow band perpendicular to the shore. It is a rare occurrence, but it can be deadly. If people are stuck in the riptide, they can be carried off to sea. If they fight the riptide, they will most often fatigue before reaching shore, lose the struggle and drown. One can, however, escape a riptide, by swimming parallel to the shore ... escaping out the side of the tidal pull.

Living in our stories can be equally as fatiguing and can drown us in sorrow. Escaping our story can be as easy as stepping out of the story ... the secret lies in taking the time to recognize and heal the pain beneath the story ... "the root".

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Expanding Beyond the Shell

image from besthomechefs.com

I am writing this article on Easter. Today, I saw the symbolic Easter Egg in a totally new light. Easter Eggs have been a part of my life since I was a small child. I can remember looking for eggs with my brother ... typically plastic ones filled with candy ... and later egg-shaped jelly beans or wrapped chocolates. I remember coloring eggs with our mother and, more recently, doing the same with my own daughters.

Growing up, I think the Easter Egg symbolized treasure (candy) and new beginnings (chicks emerging). Today, at Unity of the Seacoast (Dover, NH), parts of the music and the ministers' talk were focusing on the tomb. The stone was rolled away and Jesus' body was gone. He was Resurrected. I began to see the Easter Egg as so much more, and I'll never look at an egg in the same way.

Jesus' life showed us how to walk this human path in light and love. His Resurrection was a gift; it showed us that death truly is not the end. Yes, the physical form or space suit for our life on this planet expires, but we do not. Our loving soul is eternal and lives on.

The Easter Egg (or any egg, actually) can be symbolic of "the tomb" ... inside is the Christ Consciousness each of us is able to express while we are alive in physical form. While we may have become really entombed under previously-accepted limitations on who or what we CAN or CANNOT BE, we also hold the key to our own escape. 

In each and every moment, we can roll away the stone and emerge. We have the opportunity to break out "of our shell" and express the love we are at our core. We are offered time a freedoms not readily available to prior generations, who had to toil physically for many of their hours of existence. We can be fully aware of ourselves as spiritual beings expressing through physical form ... not held down by the restrictions of the physical form ... but expanding what it means to BE IN physical form! I believe that is why we are here at this time. 

Friday, March 20, 2015

Release What You're Afraid Of ... Take Flight!

What are you afraid of? If you're like most people, your answer is most likely not "the things that go bump in the night". Without realizing it on a conscious level, many of us go for years fearing not failure, but success. We fear following our heart's pure urging and living BIG.

"What?", you may say. Yes, it's true. Yet there's hope and it's called "conscious awareness". When we can see that our fears tend to keep us small, we can move on to that greater sense of joy and living that becomes available to us when we cast aside our training wheels and soar on down the road.

Remember those moments in your life when a physical challenge was paralyzing? Learning to ride a bike without training wheels is one example. For me I think of diving for the first time from a standing position. In learning to dive, I had started out dropping off the dock headfirst into the water from a kneeling position. Yet diving from a standing position seemed impossible; truly too scary. Yet somehow I did it. And you know what? I found intense joy on the other side of the fear. That thing I feared ended up being something that I truly love!

Recently I was listening to the ministers' message at a spiritual community I visited. The message was focused on "transformation". The minister was using the metamorphosis of a caterpillar to butterfly as an analogy for transformation, yet my mind got an immense message out of a tiny segment of his sharing. He spoke of the caterpillar being born on a leaf and his existence being largely just eating and surviving on that leaf. I could see this as an analogy of surviving when the ego is calling the shots, rather than the heart.

Wow, I thought. How many years did I do that? Just eat and survive ... not really seeing nor experiencing what was around me in plain sight?!?

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Perspective Reboot® with Kristi Borst ~ Pecha Kucha

No, this isn't one of my typical articles, yet it's powerful and requires no reading :) I hope you'll take the few minutes to watch and consider this.

I was thrilled to be included in a juried Pecha Kucha (20 slides, 20 seconds each) held on 11/20/14 at the River Tree Arts in Kennebunk, Maine. Rather than talk about my Energy-in-Form artwork, my focus was on sharing the simple truths and empowerment that have helped me move to a space of more joy-filled, effortless living. Here's a video for those of you who were unable to attend.


"Your message is beautiful and concise - nicely worded, to the point with loving, high vibrational words, and your art flows through my entire being! Thanks for sharing!!" ~ Dee Hassen, NH     

"So beautiful, so inspiring! Thank you, Kristi!" ~ Tom Zamara, Ontario  

 "I Really enjoyed your words and art, Kristi ... you have such a beautiful open innocent fresh energy!" ~ Kate L

Friday, December 19, 2014

Peace and Joy are Found Within!

Kristi's artwork of a yule tree with inner and outer light
Each of us is LOVE and LIGHT at our core, and this is the space in which we can find an unlimited supply of Peace and Joy. Yes, there can be karmic debts and ancestral burdens as well as traumas in this lifetime which lead us to forget that true essence. But the fact remains, we are made of light and love ... in us, through us, of us!

It's remarkable how "eager" our mental, emotional, physical and spiritual selves are to be healthy and whole. Once the resonance of love/peace/joy is re-established and the blocks and debts are effectively released, the results toward wholeness are dramatic. This is what led me to call the work I am doing Perspective Reboot®.

Imagine ... drug-free, non-invasive, effective healing for mind/body/soul/spirit! If the client is willing to "release that which no longer serves" them, It Is So! Hope restored! Power ON! Ready to be one's best!

Monday, November 24, 2014

Being Happier Without The Weight of our Own Expectations

Every day that I learn something is a great day from my perspective. Do you agree? I have just recently been able to see how our own character strengths can also be our weaknesses in our relationships with others. I can almost hear you saying "what?"

I have recently been able to understand and let go of the expectations that were causing me pain in my life! Wouldn't you love to do that too? I have realized that the values I hold for myself, and those you hold for yourself, color our experiencing of others in the world. So when we realize the filters we have on our perception, we can more easily see around those filters.

Let me set this up with an example. I am definitely a "man of his word" kinda gal. If I say I'll do something, I will. If I'm part of a group, I am not a bystander. I volunteer, get involved, take action. And, I know when others say they'll do something and eventually don't, I can end up feeling disappointed, betrayed, even rejected.

But, let's face it; we're not all alike. We have different strengths, different values, different life paths that have brought each of us to any given shared moment in time. So to expect someone else to be experiencing life as we do, or having the convictions that we do is both unrealistic and unreasonable.

Expectations and judgments are filters through which we experience self and others. Although the expectations and judgments vary, this topic comes up frequently when I'm assisting someone in a Perspective Reboot® intuitive energy healing session.

Friday, October 31, 2014

Making YOUR World a Better Place

I have previously shared my knowing that we are divine eternal beings having a human experience [Perspective Reboot® with Kristi Borst, April 20, 2014]. I see our physical body as a kind of space suit that is serving to adapt and host our eternal BEing for the environment of Earth. Yet from birth we are taught to focus almost exclusively on the physical body. That's changing as more and more Eastern philosophies and modalities come to the west (yoga, meditation, etc.). If you glean only one nugget out of this, please realize ... Our power lies not so much in our body, but in our soul/spirit.

If people need to "see it to believe it", quantum science/physics might be just "your thing". Quantum physics has begun to explain that which has been unexplainable and/or defies logic. [Quantum scientists/physicists work with miniscule particles, smaller than the electrons many of us were told as children were the smallest components of life.] Now, realize that the world has always worked this way ... science is just beginning to be able to formally observe and measure it.

The greatest of these theories/discoveries, I believe, is that in the quantum world, the observer affects the outcome. [If you'd like to read a quick synopsis of some recent and emerging quantum theory/discoveries, see this article "10 Ways Quantum Physics Will Change the World" by Martha Barksdale.] Quantum particles do not always act as predicted. The "Double-Slit" experiment illustrated how a particle can transform into a wave of unlimited possibilities and then return to a particle. Take a moment to view this video taken from "What The Bleep Do We Know!? Down The Rabbit Hole". It simply and clearly illustrates the concept of the realm of possibilities open to us ...

Watching videos like this one really opened me to seeing beyond what my eyes could see!

Saturday, October 4, 2014

On the Wings of Angels ~ Know We are Fully Supported at All Times

After nearly 20 years of searching, my husband and I found a lake camp which met our criteria ... affordable, room for our immediate family to spend the night, on the sunny side of the lake, and great location. While a steep property (with lots of stairs) is a turn-off to many people, we love it! It means gorgeous views, sunsets, and deep water in which to swim. We closed on the property in November of 2013 and visited a few times throughout the winter.

We were somewhat dismayed to find the aluminum dock, which has been hoisted out of the water for a couple of years while the property was vacant and for sale, damaged after a wind storm in April of this year. With it, the dock took the last few stairs down to the water. http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-SFtPcTfyZiw/VDCHqVqSGhI/AAAAAAAAANQ/_BgF9dHCWCA/s1600/10363471_10204317103555793_2863815430477963241_o.jpgAs luck would have it, a set of 3 steps washed up. It didn't match up with the remaining stairs ... you'd have to sit on your bottom on the last stair to reach the little set of steps, but it enabled us to get to the water until we figured out how to repair the stairs and tie them to our new dock.

On Saturday, July 5, we went to the camp with the intention of taking the entire day off from our renovation projects. We'd be having at least one friend over for fireworks ... perhaps more. I decided to take two chairs down to the dock while my husband cleaned some additional chairs in the camp.

As I descended the stairs, I knew I'd have to do something with the chairs as I sat to get to the lower steps, so I decided I'd put then off to the side of the stairs and get them once I was beneath them. I stopped on the last stair, turned to my left and attempted to put the chairs onto the ground around the hand rail. I was holding the chairs in my left hand and the railing with my right. The chairs started to fall, throwing me off balance, and my right hand was too low on the railing to counteract the force of my shifting weight.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

We Shall Overcome

This past Sunday, I gave a talk at the spiritual community I attend which was an adaptation of my 05/13/14 segment1 of Perspective Reboot®. The focus of the message was that we are each an aspect of Source/God/Spirit/Buddha/Jesus/Ba’ha’ulla. Therefore, we can use our Creator abilities to change our lives for the better in any given instant. I gave examples of negative experiences, past/present/future, that I had transformed in this way through love and forgiveness. [When I do private intuitive energy healing sessions, transmuting traumatic experiences is an integral aspect of healing.]

The past tense example I shared during this Sunday message was an incident from my childhood. My grandmother was babysitting me and physically punished me in front of some of her house guests because I would not say "good night" to them. Many years later, in adulthood, I had mentioned this memory to my grandmother.  She had been astounded that of all the fun and loving times we had together I had "chosen" to remember that one.

For many years when I thought of the adult encounter I would think "well, of course I remember it. You hurt me. You embarrassed me. You were unloving to me." But recently those thoughts have evaporated, and I no longer choose to remember that incident with the force and focus that it held previously. It's been transformed and transmuted in my mind and in my heart.I have not forgotten it; I am controlling what weight I give it in my stack of memories and if and how often I want it to come to the top.

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Two Sides to Every Coin

There are two sides to every coin, but they are both equally important and they are never in competition with one another. Together they are balance and harmony. It is only our perception and reception of the coin that determines whether we prefer HEADS or TAILS. Neither is positive; neither is negative.

How often do we assume something that is happening is "good" or "bad"? It's normal, right? It's how we've been raised. We've been taught since we were children that we are BEing a "good boy" or a "good girl" or we are BEing a "bad boy" or "bad girl". This is the kind of thinking that leads to what is commonly referred to  as "duality" in modern-day teachings.

But just as a coin must have two sides, in perfect balance, and with equal importance to the whole, our physical BEingness as well as this Earthly reality has to have two sides. Love/hate. Light/darkness. Push/pull. Angelic/evil. Black/white. Hot/cold.

I have been shown very clearly that there is even "good" in the "bad". If we always avoid what we perceive as "bad", we may be missing a doorway to even greater "good" in our lives. Let's look at an example to clarify this:

Friday, June 27, 2014

I Don't Resonate With That ...

Still life I painted as a teen ~ "You need dark areas to show light."
Recently, on a segment of Perspective Reboot® with Kristi Borst1, I shared my perspective that our judgment of "another" is never really about them. This understanding was integral to my owning "what others think of you is none of your business." What "pushes our buttons" in another's behavior is a mirror for us of what WE (at some level) wish to change, heal, and shed. With this insight/knowledge, I have this new appreciation of judgment as a huge opportunity for self growth. Therefore, while others may say "stay out of judgment", I feel we need to sit with our judgment and understand what it is telling us about OURSELVES!

"I don't resonate with that!" I hear and read this often these days. Recently, I had a flash of knowing that "I don't resonate with that" is merely judgment wearing a fancy "new age" cloak. What if the things that we don't resonate with are similarly there to show us something. After all, there is truly no "good" and "bad", there merely IS. All is in a state of perfection and bliss. It is merely our reception and perceptions which may act as lenses or veils to this ultimately simplistic truth.

When I was a preteen my parents treated me to art lessons. One of the lessons that has stayed with me is "you need dark areas to show light". You see, you cannot paint a highlight on an object that is already light. The highlight will appear even more intensely when placed on the darkest possible tone ... you must have contrast to show contrast.

Please, when you feel drawn to say "I don't resonate with that/him/her", go deeper. Explore why! See if this incident (judgment) is some type of mirror to you. Otherwise, if you merely walk away without a thought, you may have missed a golden key that's been served up to you on a silver platter. I believe it is through the darkness or "bad" things we see that we have the greatest opportunity to emerge into the light!

Love and light,

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1Link to MP3 "Exceptional You ~ Choosing to Respond and Live with Love", May 13, 2014

Saturday, May 31, 2014

With Animals' Assistance

In the last couple of years, I have realized not only our connectedness to one another as humans, but also our connectedness with ALL of life ... the animal and plant kingdoms, the Earth, the Universe, the Cosmos and beyond. When we have our "eyes" closed to the cues and messages from these Sources, we can feel like we're operating "in a vacuum". On the other hand, when we can expand our awareness and be like a child viewing life with curiosity and adventure, life becomes more fluid and we can feel much more supported.

I don't know when it happened, but at some point in the last 100 or so years of industrialization of our society, we learned to value technology over Nature. Yes, we've gained a lot in that time, but we have to realize it's been at a cost. The good news is that the support is still there, just awaiting our discovery, wonder and exploration.

This morning I was reflecting back on how animals' messages and appearances have helped awaken things on a soul level for me. The most memorable of these is my encounter with an American Bald Eagle while driving my car at 70 mph down the highway. Not wanting to hit him, I telepathically asked him to fly; he instantly began to take off toward my car. There was a moment in which the eagle was all I could see. In that instant, my life changed. It was subtle at first, but something was awakened that was waiting for this moment in space/time. The question for me now is not "was that eagle there for me?", it is "how many more subtle signs was I missing?"

Saturday, May 3, 2014

You Have and Will Continue to Make A Huge, Untold Difference in this World!

Source Wikimedia Commons
Remember when we were kids and ALL the Christmas lights would go out because one bulb was blown. You (or some adult) had to go through the string until the one blown bulb could be located and replaced. Tonight I was thinking about how important each of us is and the Christmas lights "back in the day" seemed like a wonderful analogy to our interdependence.

We are each here to be the light and the essence that only we can be. We are so interconnected, and each so important to the whole. Just as the one bulb can cause the others to remain unlit, the one replacement bulb enables the others to light. Just think for a moment about the ways that you have touched others' lives, both directly and indirectly.

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Is it LOVE or FEAR? What Will You See? What Will You Own?

The focus of my Perspective Reboot® with Kristi Borst radio segment today was "You Cannot Change The World, but When You Change the Way You See The World, The World Changes." So why is it that we think we know ourselves but we really don't? How can we get to a point in our lives and realize we really don't know what we want and who we are? As some point along our paths (or perhaps at most points along our paths) we have drifted from knowing we are Divine, magnificent, unlimited and amazing to becoming stuck in a game of "today we're good"; "today we're bad."

When we realize that much of our judgment toward ourselves and toward others is based in fear, we can step back unemotionally and assess if that concern is even still valid or us. It could just be an old cassette track looping through our minds. Many times it's an "I'm not good enough" or "I don't want to stand out" track that we really need to shelf. Yet, when we can bring into our conscious mind, thoughts and fears which are no longer serving us or protecting us, we have amazing opportunities for growth. It is in that moment of conscious clarity that we become creator of past, present and future.

During the show I illustrated this point by talking about my toes. For most of my adult life, I was ashamed of my toes. In fact, despite some genetic resemblance to other family members' feet, I thought my feet were ridiculous looking. For me, it was the second toe on my right foot. Longer than the toes beside it, it made me feel freakish when I was bare-footed or in sandals. All I could see when I looked at my foot was that one toe. And, like most things that we have assessed and cataloged, I never really looked my foot with opened eyes again.

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Perspective Reboot® with Kristi Borst

This-past week I launched my debut segment of Perspective Reboot® with Kristi Borst on TransformationTalkRadio.com (links to LISTEN LIVE and PLAY archive are available on the "Radio and MP3s" page of my site). The focus of that first segment was "Seeing Ourselves As More Than a Physical Body" and in discussing that, I wound my way through my own journey and what is Perspective Reboot®?

Seeing myself as more than a body ... realizing I am an eternal Divine aspect of Source Energy having a human experience was a cornerstone in my own personal expansion. It was one of my earliest and largest steps in seeing myself beyond the roles and boundaries which had contained my life rather than allowed me to be all that I can currently express. It was critical in fact in my journey back to Self and what I share as a Divine connection which enables others to quickly release physical and emotional pain.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

You'll Always Win the Race When You Avoid Spin Outs

©Jim Garrahan

Do you ever feel like your life is out of control? Everywhere you look you find drama and struggle. Life is not easy. "Why me?" you ask. Perhaps it's a question of perspective. Are you keeping your "eye on the prize"? Or are you watching what everyone else is doing? Judging? Comparing? Basically, spinning out of control and, in the process, taking yourself out of the race.

I'd like to suggest that changing your focus from the struggles to the victories will results in your being much happier. How do I know ... I've experienced it myself!

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Life Is Meant to Be Savored ... YOU Are Worthy!

I recently had a birthday and my friends and family flooded my facebook page with birthday wishes. As the day progressed I literally felt as if I were in the middle of a birthday bash. I wanted to give something back ... to share the love I was feeling. I found a photo online of some beautiful cupcakes and placed this as the cover photo on my "wall". I invited everyone to take a cupcake.

It amazed me that more than one person said that they thought the cupcakes were too pretty to eat. These were not even REAL cupcakes, these were digital representations of cupcakes. I had offered them as a visual smörgåsbord, inviting my friends to, at a minimum, enjoy their colors and designs, but also thinking people might venture to explore what their taste and texture may be. I, honestly, never expected that people would feel unworthy of this gift, because that is what I see at the core of this "that's to good for me" reaction. I see this sometimes in the intuitive healing work that I do ... an individual doesn't think they deserve to be well or happy.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

That's a Wrap ...

I wish that each and every person realized the power that she/he holds within ... a power that's just waiting to be realized. Many times we are held captive not by outside forces, but by inner dialog which holds us down and keeps us small.

We truly hold the key to our own release from captivity. Once we become aware of this chatter, and look at it as if we were an uninterested third party, we can begin to evaluate whether we want to own those thoughts or just love them free.

Let's talk about the television and film industry as a way to see this all a bit more clearly. When a network or production company is filming a show, even a half-hour show, they easily spend hours filming. They have "take1", "take2", "take3", etc. They keep doing the scene over and over until it is the way they want it to be.

Friday, January 10, 2014

Uniquely Perfect Snowflakes

Snowflakes ... I think perhaps everyone has heard that they are each uniquely perfect and individual in their expression of form. Yet each is merely frozen water. Unfortunately, when snowflakes are viewed with the "naked eye" their exquisite geometry is just a blur. When you look at snow that blankets the ground, you cannot see the beautiful intricacies of each flake nor the way the flakes are joining together. Such a shame, I am reflecting, as there is such a beautiful analogy in this example of snow.

We, too, are uniquely beautiful, multifaceted, and fascinating. The blanket called "humanity" that we create together is mysteriously and intricately woven. I want to share how this dance we call "life" provides myriad opportunities to not only sparkle in our own unique brilliance, but to also influence and help others, as they influence and help us.

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Happy New Year!

I am SO happy that we were able to transition from 2013 to 2014 without any major fear and/or hysteria in the group consciousness as had been true at the end of both 2011 and 2012. Nearly everyone I spoke with was actually excited about 2014 and optimistic about the year-to-come. Personally, over the last couple of years, I have chosen to see so many wonderful signs that our world is shifting to a more enlightened, positive environment. The way 2013 passed into 2014 has been my icing on that cake. I KNOW that, not only 2014 as a whole, but each and every day there are opportunities and choices to be amazing!

I encourage you, as you face the New Year, to consider what you hope to achieve. Forget the adage "keep your eye on the prize." Keep it somewhat vague in terms of what you might be DOing, but specific in terms of what you will be FEELing and BEing. What aspects of life to you want to more fully feel and experience? Then look at what might have previously been holding you back internally from your being all you want and dream to be. Have you unconsciously and/or reluctantly bought into any parental, cultural, social-economic and/or gender-based restrictions on what you can achieve that no longer feel right to you? Let them go! Realize that you are an aspect of God and no longer need to be small.

Monday, December 30, 2013

The Silent Breakup

I've recently lost a friend who basically just stopped communicating with me. When I noticed a change in her attitude, I was confused and asked her straightforwardly if there was something I had done. She said "no" but I apologized anyway for the to-me unknown offense or action. The distance widened. I kept wondering what had happened.

Today I've finally achieved both mental and emotional clarity/peace on the situation.In pondering the situation yet again this morning, I had a flash of insight as I remembered my own experience/perspective of being with a dear friend and no longer feeling joy in that relationship. The parting of ways was not about her; it was about me and what I needed to do with my time, which I was increasingly learning to value. I really couldn't explain the breakup to her. There were so many layers and levels to the situation.

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Death is Only Difficult for the Living

I truly believe that death is only difficult for the living. To be one with All That Is, able to be with souls you care about, regardless of whether they are on Earth or in the stratospheres ... WOW! Imagine the joy souls (people) in broken bodies must feel when they are released from those bodies. The soul lives on dear friends (that which has been made cannot be unmade). Yes, it sheds it's clay vessel ... the physical body; in the cycle of life, "ashes to ashes, dust to dust, that vessels returns to the Earth. This remembering of the Universal Laws of life and death has been so freeing for me.

When you no longer fear death, what is there left to fear? Yes, it's difficult to lose the physical presence of someone you love. However, when you realize and welcome that soul to be with you any time and any place, you can understand how blessed we are for the loved ones who surround us.

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Reflections of Gratitude and Shining YOUR Light ..

I have much to be thankful for ... more than words can adequately express! Yet, 2013 has been a year of lessons about releasing any remnants of the program which had me judging myself through the eyes of others. Somewhere along the way this year I heard and truly integrated "what others think about you is truly not your business". In stepping into everything that I AM being called to be, I am grateful for the loving support I have received. Yet, I've faced rejection by not only casual acquaintances, but also from long-term friends and life-long family members. These reactions have not only hurt my feelings, they have also sometimes cast me onto a sea of self-doubt. However, I've also witnessed life-changing moments for myself and others; not through having my "nose to the grindstone" and struggling, but by just being ME ... basically surrendering, squelching the INTERNAL voice telling me I couldn't do this or that, and allowing God to flow through my physical vessel unimpeded.

In the last few days I've been reflecting what I have gained through experiencing negative reactions to my "healing gift" by some of those I thought were "closest" to me: