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Much of what seems so real in this physical dimension is not the entire Truth of who we are and/or what we can do. Over the last decade, I have allowed myself to both explore and expand beyond the physical, mental and emotional boundaries I thought were rigidly in place in this "reality". What I found was an aspect of Self that I had forgotten was there. I offer these wonderings and wanderings as an invitation to see beyond "what meets the eye" in your own life!

Read, ponder, explore the depths of yourself. Although our eyes focus outward, we are primarily here to see and change ourselves. If the words assist, there is a link for gratitude giving. If you want to go deeper in your healing and release more quickly, let's work together. These writings are not short ... but the world is full of insightful one-liners which haven't managed to fully communicate to and shift heart and soul. I remain ever hopeful ... Much love, Kristi

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

I Have Faith!

The "Cold War", WWIII, Y2K, Predictions of Nostradamus, End of the Mayan Calendar, our current political evolution ... there are always perspectives of doom and gloom which come into our communities, world and mass consciousness. Experience shows we survive and in many cases THRIVE. 

What is FAITH? For me, it is "Feeling Assured InSpiteOf (so called) Troubles Here". Perhaps the most difficult aspect of Faith is falling into that point of surrender to that ultimate Truth that All is Well, and there is truly nothing TO fear. Realize you have the Power to see and create your "reality" here by what you focus on and the underlying vibration of your BEing ... will you choose fear or L O V E? Breathe with the breath of all life, allow yourself to surrender, feel your body soften, repeat. 

BE in that space of FA I T H in which all is well. Surrender unto it. BE. In doing so, you help lift not only yours but also the consciousness and vibration of the whole.

With love,

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Sunday, November 20, 2016

No Time, No Room, No Need for the Pain!

The central theme of “Haven’t Got Time for the Pain” co-authored and sung by Carly Simon seems fitting as the synopsis of this sharing, clearing message. Wow. I loved that song when I was a sad and lonely teenager. I dreamed of that day when someone would love me to the depth that I wouldn’t have time for the pain. As with most things that bring us true freedom, it is an inside job!

Why do we have time for the pain? Why do we hold space for the pain?

Good questions, right?  I am coming to think it’s somewhat ingrained in our human nature. Five things happen to us in a day … four of them loving and positive and one negative. It’s that negative singularity that commands our attention.

Why do we focus on that thing that we don’t like? Why do we give it power to control our happiness? Why do we let it affect our relationships with others who are there to love us? Let’s not just skip over this; perhaps it’s a truly profound question and also a key to the next level of happiness.

Monday, October 3, 2016

Be Alert ... Your Life's Purpose May Come on the Wings of an Eagle

When You Are Sleeping, Sometimes It Takes a Special Messenger to Awaken You <3
In 2011, after 25 years as a sole proprietor of my one-woman ad agency, I started to wonder if this career was what I wanted to do for the rest of my adult life. I felt there was something more, something I needed to do, something more fulfilling. Yet I had no clue what that something was.

So, instead of focusing on the details (what, when, how) I focused on the feeling. I knew I wanted to help people. This had always been at the core of all of my work. I focused on how I would feel when I was helping others. At that time, I knew nothing of the Laws of Attraction and/or manifesting.

Just a few weeks after these ponderings, I was driving my "mom van" down a three-lane highway. There were cars on either side of mine as well as traffic behind. In the distance I noticed an American Bald Eagle flying from the right, gliding over a river I was approaching. As I got closer, the eagle landed in the highway ... in my lane. I was traveling around 65 mph and felt I couldn't slow to avoid this beautiful bird. I spoke to the eagle in my mind, "Please fly up, I cannot avoid you, and I do not want to hurt you!"

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Moving Forward Knowing We Shall Rise Above

Many times when we encounter struggles, we are actually moving forward to bigger, better, happier ... but in order to arrive at that destination, we must keep on keepin' on!

Fears, hurts, regrets, even loved ones can tend to paralyze us within the struggle. We feel so terrible we may believe we cannot continue. Keep GOING!!! Trust that the phrase "rise above it" is real, good and True. If we but have the faith in ourselves to take one more step (and perhaps another and another), we most likely find ourselves within that better space ... a reality far better than what we thought was "good" prior to the struggle/challenge!

I believe that is part of why the struggle/challenge/opportunity has presented itself in the first place ... to shift us to another time line, reality, resonance! Sometimes this means seeing/accepting "what is not serving us" rather than always waiting for "what could potentially be".  This can also involve letting go of people we care about. Let go with love and forgiveness ... not only toward the "other" but also for yourself! You know what? Other special people will show up to love and support you!

Just as surely as our path is not always straight (and, I daresay, it is not intended to be), I am appreciating that sometimes you actually have to go seemingly downward when you are actually going onward and upward.

When it feels as if life is pushing you back ... don't retreat, push on ahead ... Stand TALL. Look at the fears and other lower-vibratory feelings that are holding you in the unpleasantness. Are they serving you? Life can get a little messy sometimes, but it's okay to get a little muddy ... it all comes off in the wash! Shake it off to the best of your ability or reach out to others for support. Move forward trusting that this is where you are being guided to go!

"Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to just try one more time." Thomas Edison

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Will We Ever See Eye-to-Eye?

This is one of my favorite photos that my sister-in-law captured at Joe's and my wedding in 1980. It captured a magical quality which was surely present that day. What it doesn't show you is that when I said "I do" I didn't believe that our marriage would last forever. While I told myself I believed in happy endings, deep inside of me, there was a girl who did not. It took me nearly 10 years to get out of my childhood story ("I will never have children because I won't put my child through the pain of divorce").

Seeing the current situation clearly at that point, I asked if we could renew our vows on our 10-year anniversary. We started our family 2 years later. We've been in a nurturing/harmonious marriage for nearly 36 years now, together 40 years this-coming September. Spirit spoke to me when I met this man "he's The One" and fortunately neither of us (more specifically me) sabotaged that calling.

Yet, it happens all the time, doesn't it? We lose the great-for-us thing that's in our hand because we are caught up in a past-tense story of what should/would/could be or a future-tense fear-driven panic of what if/how can I/how will I! Or we are dwelling on a deep-seated hurt that might not even have anything to do with us. Perhaps the situation didn't even directly involve us ... we were just on the sidelines, but we somehow got derailed!

We look at the others in our life and wonder "how can he/she treat me this way or that way?" I was recently asked in session, "How could my own mother treat me this way?" Perhaps she too, did not get what she needed from her mother and/or father and was/is doing the best she can with what she has. The Higher Truth is that, while we are all eternal aspects of love and light, we are all operating from the skewed perceptions of our 3rd dimensional human bodies. From these spaces in which we experience and perceive, we cannot always access the entirety of what we are and what is real. And, perhaps that is "by design"! From a compassion and unconditional love perspective, I would share that, as a mother, I believe we all aspire to do better for our children than what we experienced.

We Are Not Seeing Things the Same Way

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Facing Our Fears Is the Doorway to Greatness!

This-past Sunday as I was driving to Palm Sunday service, I received "Facing our fears is the doorway to greatness. Your fears are the key to unlock the next greater version of you." Then at service, the opening prayer included this passage from "Gethsemane" by Rev. Ed Townley. "We may sometimes feel locked in spiritual paralysis, afraid of the unknown—and even afraid of our fear! But the fear is really a sign that we are feeling guided to step beyond our comfort zone. The choice is always between the anxiety in mortal mind and the loving certainty of spiritual Truth. When we choose to follow our Truth, we dissolve the paralysis and step forward with confidence and love." I knew this message needed to be shared!

So many times we see our fears as limitation. I'm inviting you to look at them as empowerment! How can that be? Well, if you can excel at something you already have mastered, you're not really growing and stretching, are you? Sometimes we need to push or pull ourselves out of the space of comfort to realize that the place of comfort was not necessarily the space of joy. What if the next greater version of you is playing hide and seek with you being the mask of your fears?

Think how many times that thing you so feared as a child (riding a bike with no training wheels, diving into a pool or pond, trying a new craft or skill) turned out to be something you really enjoyed or which empowered you! Personally, I can remember standing at the end of the dock for what seemed like 15 minutes those first few times of diving. It seemed like my head might break if I hit the water the wrong way ... but something finally gave me the courage to go. Perhaps it was the urging (or shaming) of those older than me. Yet, seeing them doing it was not enough to squelch my fears. Eventually, I had to reach deep within myself and find that space of trust and belief in ME!

What if your fears are guiding you toward your True Self? The fears that you've been accepting as limitation may have been viewed from a limiting perspective. Just as our judgment of others can give us clues to what we are longing to be or longing to change about ourselves, our fears are, perhaps, a test from the Higher Self saying "let's see if I can get myself beyond this mirage."

Sunday, January 17, 2016

Allowing and Trusting the Ebb and Flow of Life ...

There's a definite ebb and flow to life. As I look out my window and see the snow that makes me want to stay inside, I think about how little time I spend indoors in the summer. Summer, I think, may be a time for us to expand, express, expend our light, reach and energy. 

Winter is a time for going within, seeing where we are going and assessing what shifts we may need to get on track. It's probably not coincidence that our New Year reflections also happen during this introspective period (I can almost hear the Snow Birds saying, I don't have to stay inside.) Perhaps it's really important for us to have the ebb and flow ... to take the time to renew our goals, our vision of ourselves, our vision of the world we are co-creating. To be with Self, to cozy our nest, to dream our dreams so we know where we are going to plant our seeds.