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Much of what seems so real in this physical dimension is not the entire Truth of who we are and/or what we can do. Over the last decade, I have allowed myself to both explore and expand beyond the physical, mental and emotional boundaries I thought were rigidly in place in this "reality". What I found was an aspect of Self that I had forgotten was there. I offer these wonderings and wanderings as an invitation to see beyond "what meets the eye" in your own life!

Read, ponder, explore the depths of yourself. Although our eyes focus outward, we are primarily here to see and change ourselves. If the words assist, there is a link for gratitude giving. If you want to go deeper in your healing and release more quickly, let's work together. These writings are not short ... but the world is full of insightful one-liners which haven't managed to fully communicate to and shift heart and soul. I remain ever hopeful ... Much love, Kristi

Saturday, December 16, 2017

How Far Would You Travel For Inner Peace?

This image came to me around this time in 2013, and I used it as my end-of-year facebook cover image. It's a play on the long-forgotten rear-view mirror statement "Objects Are Closer Than They May Appear." When we apply this spacial warning to our lives, it reflects a great untruth within our "reality". Why do we not see the closeness of our Inner Peace? Why must we struggle? When will we be happy? How can we thrive? A deepening of this visual has come through in recent days.

How long have we thought this way? We have been told by science, even through religion, that we are "Just A Spec on the Earth". You believe you are separate from, well, Life itself. How can that be? How can someone else, another of You be more important than the other? Yes, I said "You". I am included in that all-inclusive You just as you are!

Each of us is part of the whole. Like a brick is to the wall. When you remove even one brick (particularly if you imagine others have been removed before it), that wall could shatter. That one brick could be pivotal ... IS pivotal to the overall system of balance.

We each/all hold unique and individual importance. We do not experience life the same as another nor in total awareness of what the other experiences. Even identical twins experience some aspect of their shared life circumstances differently. This unique perspective and experience is largely why we are here in separation. yet this is a time of being more awareness to the whole You. I have experienced myself that when live in our authenticity, we not only connect more fully to Source / God / The Universe, the more we experience Inner Peace ... Heaven on Earth, right here, right now! How? Merely by being ourSelves!

Unfortunately, most of us have thought the Just A Spec" existence was the only way It Is. [Some could say it was the way It Is because with thought we were Just A Spec. It's truly one of those "Chicken and Egg Scenario" situations. You are what you believe, and you believe what you are.] I'm inviting you to snap your fingers and visit a different perspective.

Imagine "the objects you desire are closer than you think!" The feelings you desire are closer than you think. The health you desire is closer than you think. The happiness and joy you desire are closer than you think. Ultimately, when we catch a glimmer or hefty dose of that amazing, blessed, yet largely unconscious connection to everything     ...      How can we continue to believe we are Just A Spec?

Saturday, October 14, 2017

Some Say "Plateau", I Say "Scenic Overlook"

Kristi on Devil's Bridge plateau in Sedona, AZ
We are well-aware of the negative connotations of "plateauing" when we're on a quest toward a goal. Something has happened and the formula we've been using is no longer yielding the results we are seeking. For some of us, the plateau becomes the destination, as we abandon or original goal or fall into some crevice of "I am not worthy". I am shown this is not the purpose of the plateau!

Some say "plateau", I say "scenic overlook" ...

One constant in my life has been a deep love for nature, this beautiful planet, palates of color that vary by season and locational coordinates upon our planet. If there's a "Scenic Overlook", I pull over and look. Imagine the view from an overlook or mountain top ... the expansive view can offer parallels and open our mind. From this perspective we may gain insights to how small our view is on current aspects of our life. For some people, going to the ocean and viewing the expanse of ocean serves a similar purpose.

Sometimes these turn-off vistas are actually created on plateaus along the mountain side ... this is certainly true when you are hiking. But why are we OFFERED up a plateau along our path, especially when we feel like we're well on our way?

Friday, August 25, 2017

New Earth

We live in an amazing time in which we may much more clearly observe and affect our path. We can uncover and heal patterns, behaviors, emotions, "stories" that have challenged us in untold numbers of realities. A key tool OR hindrance here is our Free Will. In nearly every moment, we are making a choice; for eons those choices have been unconscious, likely ruled by urges with no consciousness of the choices.

Yet the more we realize what we are deciding, the more choices we see ... I dare say our choices become UNlimited! Yet, when we see our choices as limited, they will be limited by our own design. We collapse our own personal realm of unlimited potential.

Negative Nostradamus' may be shocked to learn that you will not find your happiness dwelling in the places, emotions, pain you don't enjoy; you will find it by steering (internally) toward your happiness. The best route may rarely be "full speed ahead".

See your choices = becoming empowered! Amazingly, Healing Resonance has observed ~ when people choose those things that make us happy, best use our skills/strengths/abilities, allow us to shine and which also serve others or the Highest Good, we have likely found Heaven on Earth. Some call it "New Earth"!

If you need helping getting from Point A to Point BE, work with me. Release that which no longer serves you (and the Highest Good).

Love and Light,

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Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Chasing a Song, Yet There's a Song Bird in Hand?

I have seen more than one client in relationship or career paralysis because they think, if they are not happy with their current situation, their only option is to leave and to start over. Our society has encouraged us to seek that brass ring ... bigger, better, more. But will that really bring you happiness? Or is that a just painful illusion?

Stop, look, listen. You may be "chasing a song" yet already have the song “bird in the hand”. Are you missing the opportunity to tweak what you already have by shifting your perspective of it? I encourage you ... by all means, don't throw that bird out the window!

Change your outlook ... turn 5, 10 or 15 degrees to the left or right to see things anew. Look up; look down. How can you see that work situation in a new way that will bring you more joy? What are you grateful for there? Is there something you love to do that you can explore in the off-work hours that will help nourish your passions? Perhaps as you put your focus on and explore these off-hours activities, that next career door is going to present itself. Perhaps you never even realized that you are putting too much focus and energy into working!

If your conflict is in a relationship, how can you shift your outlook there? Many times both partners crave a deeper level of intimacy, but have shut themselves off from giving and receiving it. This is self sabotage. Look for ways you may be pushing the other away when you are truly desiring a deeper connection.

If things are rocky with our partner, do we just say we're not happy and leave? If we are not challenged at work, do we just quit? Some do ... but what if we and our perception is at the center of our lack of happiness? What if we are being guided to just LOOK in a different direction? There is always a perspective of lack/fear and a perspective of gratitude/love. The choice is yours!

Going to a space of anxiety, worry, uncertainty, etc. may have become habitual, but it is not a fun place to live. Ultimately it will not lead us more quickly to that thing we are seeking. Within you is the power of happiness, joy, Presence! Whenever you can shift the way you see something that you keep struggling against and accept it ("I accept what IS"), you've become the Master. You see, when your happiness is not contingent on others' actions or specific conditions, happiness is always within reach! If you are constantly waiting for that special moment, that special work situation, you may be missing the things to relish right here and now. Where are you looking? Where are you living? Are you in the present?

>Stop, look, listen. What if this apparent stall in your career is ultimately for your good? What if the path you are having a hard time finding is ultimately not right for you? What if this is a necessary ebb in your path ... time needed for future doorways to align and appear?

I believe if your path were ready or if it were best, the direction of where to go next would be clear. You may benefit from reading "Trusting the Ebb and Flow of Life. Trust that in the times of ebb, you are still receiving. Be open, present, grateful. The ebb also provides a time for reflection ... a time for being present and appreciating and living right here and now.

Are you chasing something which may not ultimately increase your happiness? Will bigger, better, more really bring you happiness? Are you not fully engaged, so you are getting non-engagement in response? Perhaps it's best to tweak your perspective of and engagement with your current situation. What opportunities for joy and happiness are you not seeing, yet they are right there in your hand?

What if this shift within yourself ultimately shifts everything outside of you, as well? I can say with certainty, it will!

If you need assistance uncovering and releasing the root of old self-sabotaging patterns, I am here for you. If you and/or your partner want support, I can support your individual inner and relationship healing.


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Thursday, June 29, 2017

Healing ... an Inside Out Job

It is somewhat surprising to me that I haven't written any articles to date that mention "healing" in the title. I have been largely focused on writing pieces that help others more clearly see themselves. Yet over the last year through the lessons I have personally bumped up against, I have learned that we cannot show someone something they are not ready to see. Jumping this up a level ... You cannot unleash your own unlimited potential until you realize, at least on some level, that you are the one blocking its emergence.

We are eternal energy ... spiritual beings of unlimited abilities and potential, having a temporary opportunity to create, affect and change the physical here on planet Earth. We are humans, but that cannot begin to define us. This human form is merely the vessel for our journey here, a kind of space suit, if you will. Yet, our contemporary focus has gotten so far from the spiritual perspective and so honed in on the physical that, for many of us, seeing ourselves means seeing only the physical container and it's condition.

I know this was true for me for many years. I can remember my beloved stepmom telling me one time, on a family outing, I was "being so controlling" when I thought I was helping others have the easiest time. From where I stood, I didn't even know I was controlling. I see now I was so separated from who I really am at my core ... my own essence ... that I couldn't see myself at all. In my case, and I'm sure in the case of many of us, I was told I couldn't be me as a child. I believed that and in the process, I lost mySelf. I didn't know I was role playing, so how could I even recognize how limited a part I had created for myself?

That was until something within me switched back on ... that sense of SELF beyond limits, time and space. That knowing of things unknown. When I gave myself permission to open the doors within, treasurers came forth. My personal "path toward enlightenment" was much less about learning from others and more about opening to myself. I think one of the reasons I am so effective as a healing facilitator is that I am able to get out of my own way. I let pure love and light reach forth and do the job. I listen for and heed insights and knowings that present. I guide and flow with the process.

What does my story have to do with the topic at hand? Everything. You see, until I healed myself I could not heal others. I had to find the places in me that were wounded ... most notably, the 3 year old who had been she could not heal herself or others. I had to acknowledge the wound and bring those parts of me to the Light before I could be whole and more easily reach my potential in this now moment. The answers didn't all come to me on my own. In recent years, I've had support from the most unlikely sources in stepping more firmly onto my Path ... some I sought out ... some who were provided to me. I had help uncovering my own story, so I could more clearly identify where I was playing hide and seek with myself. I believe this is part of being Human ... we need one another on this journey!

What is your story? How are you not seeing yourself?

Sunday, June 18, 2017

What Are You Resisting?

It is in those moments that we resist "what is", that we feel pain. Sometimes these very things we resist are present is our life as our best teachers. Take a moment today and look for and at the things you are resisting. Perhaps it's the way another perceives you? Perhaps it's that something is not going "quite to plan" in your life? What's that thing that's "keeping you from being happy"? Perhaps in truth, it's you that's keeping yourself from being happy. Choose where you live, my friend!

A deepening of this message has been served up in my own life over the course of this Spring:

Many times it's the actions of others that sends us off our center of peace. But when we realize that on many levels this lack of peace is our choice and not theirs, we can move to a space of empowered living ... I call it "Self Mastery". Will others be your Captors? Or will they be your Teachers? It is only when we are in observation of our own state of peace, that we can see our choices more clearly! Only we can see if we're being dragged, tooth and nail, or blown over like a feather ..

To illustrate, I have a friend whom I'll call Sally. Sally feels very off-balance when she's around her sister-in-law Amanda. Sally feels that Amanda is in such a victim mode and always sees the dark side of every situation. When Sally is around Amanda, she feels unsure of herself because Amanda is "just waiting for her to mess up". Sally has been totally stressing out all week in anticipation of being with Amanda in the coming days for Father's Day.

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Six Things I Learned by Joining a Community Chorus

self mastery, finding your bliss, joining a group
When I was regularly attending church, singing was a huge part of what fed me in that experience. I missed singing with others, so this winter I looked for options in my area. I found a 10-week session with a community chorus within a 30-minute commute from my home. This offering appealed to me because of the short-term commitment and the song selection, which I found both uplifting and non-denominational.

During those 10 weeks, I learned quite a bit about myself and gained deeper understanding of myself and group dynamic. I think there are things that are understood within a group. Some groups are organized in the way they communicate those. In these cases you can better decide if you are a fit or share common core values. Other groups may be totally experiential and shift "personality" based upon those present at each individual gathering.

My hope is the sharing of my observations ... many deep explorations of myself and why ... will help you open a doorway within yourself that leads you to more joy, Self Mastery and flow.

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

If Your Go-To Reaction Is "I Can't" or "I Have Never Been Able To", Where is The Space for Potential?

About eight months ago, I sought out and scheduled some self care ... a 1.5 to 2 hour session with a woman who offers "guidance toward greater soul mastery". This type of guidance (I like to call it providing a "soul window") is an integral part of what I offer others in healing sessions, but answers were not coming clearly to me for me.

I hoped to get insights about how my gifts and healing offerings could be better communicated. I felt I was swimming against the current, offering something life-changing yet which seemed invisible to many who seemed solely focused on drugs and invasive techniques. I was also processing my own sadness and feelings of rejection in the face of coming forward with my abilities. I was seeking support, guidance and understanding.

At the start of the session, she asked me to tell her about myself and my life. I told her about my spiritual "awakening" which led to reconnection with my Higher Self, Oneness, and my inner abilities to help others heal ... mentally, emotionally, spiritually, physically. As an aside, I mentioned that I had a lot of tension and pain in my shoulders. "This is one area that I cannot seem to heal within myself," I stated.

She abruptly interrupted me and said "I know what your session will be about...